December 17, 2010

The strangest monte-carlo simulation ever

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While flicking through the television channels tonight, I had the misfortune of catching the last five minutes of the Deadliest Warrior. At this point you will asking yourself two questions:

  • What is this programme about?
  • Why did I watch the last five minutes?

From what I can gather in five minutes of viewing, the programme pits two historical warriors against each other. Why did I watch it? Well this week it was William Wallace vs Shaka zulu. At this point my in-built Scottish pride kicked in and I had to watch.

What followed was all slightly silly. However, right at the end they ran 1000 computer simulations to determine the “deadliest warrior.” Wallace triumphed in over 60% of battles!

I suppose that’s five minutes of my life never to be regained 😦

You can get a preview of the series from amazon

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