November 13, 2010

Updated version of the DSMTS

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Stochastic simulation is a very important tool for Systems Biology modelling. However, it is difficult to check the correctness of a stochastic simulator, since any two realizations from a single model will typically be different. Recognising this, we developed the discrete stochastic model test suite. The test suite contains four core models, and each model has a number of variants. We restricted our attention to models which admit direct analytic or numerical analysis. There are not many of these, and they are all fairly simple.

Today I updated the test suite with a new version. Only minor changes were made to the test suite (thanks to Sean Mauch for pointing them out). Here’s a list of changes:

  • Page 2: Undefined section number in link.
  • Page 4: Changed dstms to dsmts.
  • Page 14: Inserted a space between parameter and Mu.
  • Page 14: Inserted a space in “dsmts-002-01,except.”
  • Page 23: Inserted a space between parameter and Mu.
  • In dsmts-003-07.xml changed the model id to Dimerisation07.

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