January 25, 2017

Training courses: R, Stan and Scala

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Over the next few months we’re running a number of R, Stan and Scala courses around the UK.

  • Mon 13 – Introduction to R (London)
  • Tue 14 – Programming with R (London)
  • Wed 15 – Advanced Graphics with R (London)
  • Thur 16 (2-day course) – Predictive Analysis (London)
  • Tue Mar 21 – R for Big Data (Edinburgh)
  • Mon Mar 27 – Survival/Churn Analysis with R (London)
  • Tue Mar 28 – Building an R Package (London)
  • Wed Mar 29 – Automated Reporting (first steps towards Shiny) (London)
  • Thu Mar 30 – Interactive Graphics with Shiny (London)
  • Fri Mar 31 – Spatial Data Analysis with R (London)
  • Mon Apr 03 – Introduction to R (Newcastle)
  • Tue Apr 04 – Statistical Modelling with R (Newcastle)
  • Wed Apr 05 – Programming with R (Newcastle)
  • Thu Apr 06 – Efficient R Programming (Newcastle)
  • Fri Apr 07 – Advanced Graphics with R (Newcastle)
  • Mon Apr 10 (2-day course) – Introduction to Bayesian Inference using RStan (London)
  • Tue 16th (3-day course) – Scala for Statistical Computing and Data Science (London)
  • Thu Jun 08 (2-day course) – Advanced R Programming (Newcastle)
  • Mon Jun 26 – Introduction to R (London)
  • Tue Jun 27 – Statistical Modelling with R (London)
  • Wed Jun 28 – Programming with R (London)
  • Thu Jun 29 (2-day course) – Advanced R Programming (London)

See the website for course descriptions. Any questions, feel free to contact me: colin@jumpingrivers.com

On site courses available on request.

April 22, 2016

R Courses at Newcastle

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Over the next two months I’m running a number of R courses at Newcastle University.

  • May 2016
    • May 10th, 11th: Predictive Analytics
    • May 16th – 20th: Bioconductor
    • May 23rd, 24th: Advanced programming
  • June 2016
    • June 8th: R for Big Data
    • June 9th: Interactive graphics with Shiny

Since these courses are on  advanced topics, numbers are limited (there’s only a couple of places left on Predictive Analytics). If you are interested in attending, sign up as soon as possible.

Getting to Newcastle is easy. The airport is 10 minutes from the city centre and has direct flights to the main airport hubs: Schiphol, Heathrow, and Paris.  The courses at Newcastle attract participants from around the world; at the April course, we had representatives from North America, Sweden, Germany,  Romania and Geneva.

Cost: The courses cost around £130 per day (more than half the price of certain London courses!)


Onsite courses available on request.

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